Hot Trends Google Search

What is Hot Trends?

  • Hot trends are tools that show the latest search traffic through the google search engine use Google Trends, so that you can know the search trends and consumption of information users to put out effective marketing strategy.
  • Hot trends are categorized by country-specific, good for geographic advertising
  • Using Hot Trends will bring optimal efficiency for customers to make effective advertising decisions
  • Google Trends is a public web facility of Google Inc., based on Google Search, that shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages. See more

How does Hot Trends work?

Hot trends are based on Google's crawl and statistics platform, which shows which keywords are most searched by users, the most popular.

Why do you use Hot Trends?

Using hot trends to know the level of interest of users in the present time

World Trending in 24 Hours

Global Спасибо работникам коммунальных служб 1,000,000++ (16 hours ago)
United States Linda tripp 500,000++ (18 hours ago)
Australia Bernie sanders 50,000++ (22 hours ago)
Brazil Auxilio emergencial aplicativo 200,000++ (23 hours ago)
France Les aventuriers 100,000++ (3 hours ago)
Germany Bernie sanders 100,000++ (22 hours ago)
Netherlands Joe biden 50,000++ (22 hours ago)
United Kingdom Bernie sanders 100,000++ (22 hours ago)
Argentina Cuenta dni 100,000++ (23 hours ago)
Austria Bernie sanders 20,000++ (22 hours ago)
Belgium Bernie sanders 20,000++ (22 hours ago)
Canada Bernie sanders 200,000++ (22 hours ago)
Chile Rosa oyarce 50,000++ (23 hours ago)
Colombia Pico y genero bogota 20,000++ (20 hours ago)
Czech Republic Favipiravir 20,000++ (4 hours ago)
Denmark Bernie sanders 10,000++ (22 hours ago)
Egypt موقع وزارة التربية والتعليم 20,000++ (1 hours ago)
Finland Joe biden 10,000++ (21 hours ago)
Greece Snik 2,000++ (8 hours ago)
Hong Kong 小鴨影音 20,000++ (22 hours ago)
Hungary Érettségi 2020 20,000++ (13 hours ago)
India Maundy thursday 200,000++ (19 hours ago)
Indonesia Virus corona 100,000++ (1 hours ago)
Ireland Bernie sanders 20,000++ (22 hours ago)
Israel הגדה של פסח 50,000++ (23 hours ago)
Italy Paolo ciavarro 100,000++ (16 hours ago)
Japan 島根 コロナ 100,000++ (2 hours ago)
Kenya Bernie sanders 5,000++ (21 hours ago)
Malaysia Maundy thursday 20,000++ (13 hours ago)
Mexico Tarjeta bienestar 50,000++ (19 hours ago)
New Zealand Earthquake nz 20,000++ (18 hours ago)
Nigeria Thank you coronavirus helpers 200,000++ (20 hours ago)
Norway Skjærtorsdag 10,000++ (19 hours ago)
Philippines Your name 10,000++ (12 hours ago)
Poland Matura 2020 100,000++ (5 hours ago)
Portugal Bernie sanders 10,000++ (22 hours ago)
Romania Bugetarii somaj tehnic 5,000++ (9 hours ago)
Russia Спасибо работникам коммунальных служб 1,000,000++ (16 hours ago)
Saudi Arabia حساب المواطن 200,000++ (21 hours ago)
Singapore Bernie sanders 10,000++ (22 hours ago)
South Africa William booth 20,000++ (5 hours ago)
South Korea Ebs 온라인클래스 20,000++ (14 hours ago)
Sweden Dplay 50,000++ (17 hours ago)
Switzerland Bernie sanders 20,000++ (22 hours ago)
Taiwan 小鴨影音 100,000++ (22 hours ago)
Thailand ไวรัสโคโรนา 20,000++ (6 hours ago)
Turkey Celal Şengör 50,000++ (19 hours ago)
Ukraine Спасибо работникам коммунальных служб 200,000++ (16 hours ago)
Vietnam Muối chấm hảo hảo 10,000++ (8 hours ago)