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Dean Carroll Jones was an American actor best known for his roles as Agent Zeke Kelso in That Darn Cat!, Jim Douglas in The Love Bug and Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo and Dr. Herman Varnick in Beethoven. He was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his performance as Albert Dooley in The Million Dollar Duck. In 1995, Jones was inducted as a …New content will be added above the current area of focus upon selection (source: See More

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25/9/2020 · Dean Jones’ colleagues at Star Sports in India have paid a beautiful tribute to the Aussie cricket legend after his death. Jones, 59, died after suffering a heart attack in Mumbai on Thursday,... (source: Yahoo!) See More

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Dean Jones death: Devastating image emerges after tragedy
  • 25/9/2020 · Dean Jones’ colleagues at Star Sports in India have paid a beautiful tribute to the Aussie cricket legend after his death. Jones, 59, died after suffering a heart attack in Mumbai on Thursday,...
Dean Jones death | Former lover Kerri-Anne Hamilton speaks ...
  • 27/9/2020 · Dean Jones' former lover has spoken out in the wake of the cricket legend's death, in order to give recognition to his son. Jones had an affair with Kerri-Anne Hamilton that lasted about a decade and became public in 2010. Koby Dean Hamilton, now 11, was born amid the relationship.
Dean Jones dead at 59: Australian cricket legend dies of ...
  • 25/9/2020 · Australian cricket legend Dean Jones has died of a heart attack aged 59, rocking the cricket world. The Australian cricket legend was in India working as a commentator for the IPL. He collapsed in a Mumbai hotel where fellow former cricketer Brett Lee was on the scene and performed CPR.
Dean Jones dead: Australian cricket great dies at 59
  • 24/9/2020 · The cricket world has been rocked by the tragic death of Australian batting great Dean Jones. Jones died of a heart attack in Mumbai, Indian TV broadcaster Star Sports announced in …
Australian cricket great Dean Jones dies in India of heart ...
  • "Dean Jones was a hero to a generation of cricketers and will forever be remembered as a legend of this great game," Mr Eddings said in a statement. "Anyone who watched cricket in the 1980s and 1990s will fondly recall his cavalier approach at the crease and the incredible energy and passion he brought to every game he played.
Dean Jones dead, mistress Kerri-Anne Hamilton, touching ...
  • 28/9/2020 · Kerri-Anne Hamilton has shared an emotional tribute to her former lover Dean Jones, after his tragic death last week. Hamilton, who had a secret affair with the cricket legend and is the mother of his 11-year-old son, Koby, broke her social media silence on Sunday in stunning fashion.
Dean Jones dead, mistress Kerri-Anne Hamilton, love child ...
  • 27/9/2020 · Koby Dean Hamilton, the 11-year-old son of late Aussie cricket star Dean Jones, had a nine-word response when his mum told him his dad had died. “It’s OK, mum,” Koby told Kerri-Anne Hamilton, a flight attendant who Jones met in the late 1990s before carrying on a secret decade-long affair. “I know my dad loved me.”
Dean Jones dead: Daughter's devastating post before tragedy
  • 24/9/2020 · Just two weeks before the sudden death of Aussie cricket legend Dean Jones, his daughter Phoebe had posted on social media about how much she …
Dean Jones dead at 59: wife Jane Jones opens up on family ...
  • 26/9/2020 · Dean Jones’ wife Jane has opened up about her husband’s sudden death which rocked the sporting world on Thursday. Jones died of a cardiac arrest aged 59 in a Mumbai hotel while working in India as a broadcaster for the Indian Premier League.
Dean Jones - Check Jones's News, Career, Age, Rankings ...
  • Dean Jones wrote the book on one-day cricket - literally. He played a new game in which he walked down the pitch to fast bowlers, ran frenetically between wickets and turned outfielding into an ...
Dean Jones dead: Shocking details emerge after death at 59
  • 24/9/2020 · Details have emerged of the circumstances surrounding Dean Jones’ tragic death, after the Aussie cricket legend died of a heart attack in Mumbai at age 59. Jones collapsed in …
Dean Jones: Wife Jane Jones opens up on Australian ...
  • 26/9/2020 · Former Australian cricketer Dean Jones and his wife Jane.
Dean Jones leaves behind a cricketing legacy that ...
  • 24/9/2020 · By the time Dean Jones departed the international scene, he was history's man. Australia's batting wunderkind of the 1980s and '90s had done nothing less than revolutionise limited overs cricket. To a generation of cricket-loving Australian children, Jones was a hero. To Victorians, he was something closer to a sporting martyr.
Dean Jones dead, death, latest news, how did he die, age ...
  • 25/9/2020 · Australia cricket great Dean Jones has died in Mumbai, aged 59. Jones suffered a heart attack at his hotel while he was in India to fulfil commentary duties for the Indian Premier League. It’s understood he was in the hotel lobby with Brett Lee who tried to …
Dean Jones: Mother of Australian cricket great's young son ...
  • 26/9/2020 · And Dean Jones, the legend, he of the tied Test heroics, was no different. The fittest of cricketers, a tireless worker for charity and a committed dad, life took a toll on his health. His close cricketing mates knew for a decade he had been managing a heart issue.
Dean Jones dies aged 59 -
  • 24/9/2020 · Former Australian cricketer Dean Jones has died of a heart attack, aged 59, prompting tributes from around a shocked cricketing world. Jones, in Mumbai as part of the Indian Premier League's official broadcasting commentary crew, suffered a major heart attack on Thursday.
Cricket: Dean Jones' son devastated after father's death
  • 26/9/2020 · The mother of Dean Jones’ son has broken her silence after the death of the iconic cricketer last Thursday. Jones met Kerri-Anne Hamilton in the late 1990s before carrying on an affair for ...
Dean Jones dead, death: Allan Border tribute, cricket ...
  • 25/9/2020 · Former Australian cricket captain Allan Border has paid tribute to Dean Jones as “one of the greatest natural cricketers I’ve ever seen”, after the cricket great ...
Dean Jones dead at 59: The Aussie legend's passion for the ...
  • 26/9/2020 · Dean Jones in action for Australia in 1994. (The Age) For someone who was a cricket-mad kid in the 1980s, Jones was a great. Often, I'd sit and score the matches off the TV, his ODI centuries on ...
Dean Jones farewelled at private family funeral at MCG
  • 7/10/2020 · The life of former Australian cricket star Dean Jones was celebrated in a private family funeral that included a lap of honour at the MCG on Saturday. Jones, 59, died of a heart attack in Mumbai last month and his body was flown back to his home town of Melbourne. An unanticipated problem was encountered, check back soon and try again

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