The league of

The league of
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, also promoted as LXG, is a 2003 steampunk-dieselpunk superhero film loosely based on the first volume of the comic book series of the same name by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill. It was released on July 11, 2003, in the United States, and distributed by 20th Century Fox. It was directed by Stephen Norrington and starred Sean Connery, Naseeruddin Shah, Peta Wilson, Tony Curran, Stuart Townsend, Shane West, Jason Flemyng and Richard Roxburgh. (source: See More

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The League of Extraordinary Packages is a group of developers who have banded together to build solid, well tested PHP packages using modern coding standards. ★★★ We comply to the standards of the PHP-FIG. We adhere to the best-practices put forward by PHP The "Right" Way. We distribute code via Packagist and Composer. (source: Yahoo!) See More

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